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Welcome to Gaia Psychology!

Gaia Psychology is a global benefit organization dedicated to creating an organic emotional healthcare system that mirrors a respect for humanity and guardianship of planet Earth by providing online education, and onsite workshops, in Ecoemotional Intelligence (EEQ) to individuals, groups, professionals, and organizations.


Ecoemotional Intelligence (EEQ) is the organic process of how our relationship to Nature influences our relationships with self, others, and our global communityThe personal and social practices taught here can enrich your personal life, enhance your professional practices, and give you a sense of planetary belonging.  


Like all species, humans are an integral part of and share a reciprocal relationship with Nature. Yet, most of us spend 95% of our time indoors. Our bodies and minds are designed to process information using 53, not just 5 natural senses–and to process information outdoors with the support of our immediate environment. Most important, we evolved through countless years of evolution as a species by using all of these senses in collaborative reciprocity with our ecosystems (Cohen, 2007, Laing, 1991, Goodall, 1991, Murchy, 1978, Thompkins and Bird, 1978, Greenspan, 2004). We are losing these invaluable resources of physiological and ecosystemic community intelligence as we live separated from outdoor contact.


Gaia Psychology courses help to reverse this disconnect by teaching how to call forth all 53 natural senses. We facilitate education about the personal development, relationship wellness, and global sustainability that can grow in our lives when we allow Mother Nature to become our teacher and living companion. Our hope and vision is that Gaia Psychology will enable and inspire humanity to find greater inner peace, grow healthier relationships, and treat our Earth and global community as kin.


Our courses are affordable and brief. They easily fit within a busy schedule and they give maximum return for time invested. All our courses include fun and creative exercises that offer you an opportunity to explore, discover, and interact with the beauty and wisdom of Mother Nature. We offer a variety of ecopsychology courses, including certifcations in Gaia Facilitation and Psychology of Climate Change. We look forward to sharing this life-altering experience with you!


Mother Nature is calling you to join her global community and be part of the change you wish to see in our world.


Welcome to Gaia Psychology!


"The class led me to areas that really round and ground me. The art created by the class...was immediate, personal, liberating, free yet disciplined...So...tons of fun!" 

-G. Sander (Director of Rehabilitation Services & Chief Holistic Wellness Officer/Founder)


"This group has provided me with such hope for the world. It also has helped me to see that there are other people who view the world as I do. Now I don't feel so alone or "strange" in my perceptions. I have felt like an outsider my entire life and it has been so great to meet all of you who have similar ideas about "the real world verses the natural world.

-R. Swartz (Author, Speaker, Instructor, & Hypnotism Center Director)


"The Gaia psychology class opened up some fascinating doors for me. I commune with Mother Earth regularly. The tasks, reflections, and conversations gave me fresh perspective on my relationship to myself and the Mother. As a result, I intend to consciously renew my curiosity and questioning of habitual patterns, even the positive ones. A very valuable and refreshing course on all levels.

-K. Krueger (Holistic Educator)


"I am so enjoying this class and to have a reason to go to the park in the middle of the day and by myself again. I had forgotten how important it was to me when I was younger to have that time, and now I have a better understanding of why!"

-D. Pirro (Independent Medwaiver Provider)