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Welcome to Gaia Psychology

 "The goal of life match your nature with Nature".  -Joseph Campbell


Gaia Psychology is global benefit organization dedicated to creating an organic mental healthcare system that mirrors a respect for humanity and guardianship of planet earth rooted in Ecoemotional Intelligence (EEQ).


Ecoemotional Intelligence recognizes that health is our natural state and a product of remembering our human nature through reconnecting with Mother Nature. Humans are not only three-fold beings with a body, mind and spirit but are also part of Nature.


True healing is holistic; recognizing the needs and interdependence of the body, mind, and spirit while acknowledging our dependence on Nature for survival and wellness. Our relationship to Nature is the pathway to healing the body, mind, and spirit and improving our relationships with the self, others, and our global community Physical and mental health is a three-fold journey and comes from cultivating ecoemotional intelligence. Begin with Path I- Gaia Body (EcoBody), followed by Path II- Gaia Mind (EcoMind), and Path III- Gaia Spirit (EcoSpirit).

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